Whistler Olympic Park

Whistler Olympic Park Grooming Report

Trail Last
Conflict Lake Viewpoint Closed
Into Woods Closed
Madeley Creek Trails Last
Neverland / Nordic Combined 23-Jan, 6AM
Madeley Creek Loop 22-Jan, 9AM
Mid-Madeley Falls 22-Jan, 9AM
Olympic Biathlon Penalty Lap 23-Jan, 5AM
Rich's Return 19-Jan, 9AM
Twilight Meadows 22-Jan, 5AM
Wetland Wanderer 3 20-Jan, 8AM
Keith's Challenge 22-Jan, 9AM
Lunch Lake 21-Jan, 9AM
Madeley Road 22-Jan, 8AM
Norwegian Woods 22-Jan, 9AM
Olympic Cross-Country / Nordic Combined 23-Jan, 6AM
Olympic Nordic Combined Cutoff 23-Jan, 5AM
Way To Go 20-Jan, 8AM
Callaghan Connector 20-Jan, 7AM
Cut Off 22-Jan, 12AM
Falls Bypass 22-Jan, 9AM
Howe It Goes 20-Jan, 7AM
Loon Lake Loop 20-Jan, 8AM
Olympic Cross-Country / Ski Jump Loop 22-Jan, 1AM
Olympic Plateau Trails Last
Neverland Trail 23-Jan, 6AM
1/2 Way Around the World 23-Jan, 7AM
Around the World 22-Jan, 4AM
Brandywine View 22-Jan, 4AM
Inside Passage 23-Jan, 5AM
Olympic Connector 23-Jan, 5AM
Outrun 22-Jan, 12PM
Over Easy 22-Jan, 4AM
Porters Glide 22-Jan, 5AM
Top of the World 23-Jan, 7AM
Biathlon Connector 23-Jan, 5AM
Glide Connector 22-Jan, 4AM
Lower Line Road 23-Jan, 7AM
Mountain View 23-Jan, 7AM
Olympic Biathlon 23-Jan, 3AM
Olympic Nordic Combined 23-Jan, 6AM
Cross Train Closed
Metal Dome 22-Jan, 3AM
Solitude Valley & Upper Callaghan Trails Last
Conflict Lake Trail / Meadows Loop Closed
Meadows Loop Closed
Parkway Closed
Solitude Loop Closed
Mainline Closed
Real Life Closed
Ring Valley Closed
Upper Wild Spirit Closed
Wild Spirit Closed

Report at 23-Jan, 7:36AM PST

20cm of fresh snow. -3°C with blue bird skies. Last night snowfall makes the grooming process slower and it might result in progressive opening of terrain and snowcats on trails later in the day. You can expect soft packed conditions with stunning views.  All snowshoe trails are open, expect 20cm of fresh fluffy snow on trails.- Comment last updated: Jan-23 6AM

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