Mt Shark Grooming Report

Trail Last
15 km loop 11-Jan 11-Jan
Biathlon Area 22-Jan 22-Jan
Blue 2km Loop 22-Jan 20-Jan
Mt Shark Helipad Access 22-Jan 22-Jan
Red 5km Loop 19-Jan 19-Jan
Red/Black 5km Loop 19-Jan 19-Jan
Red/Purple 5km Loop 19-Jan 19-Jan
Watridge Lake Trail 22-Jan 22-Jan
Watridge to Spray River 22-Jan 22-Jan
Yellow 10km Loop 20-Jan 20-Jan

Report at 23-Jan, 9:19AM MST

Jan 20th: By Saturday evening, between 2 and 4 cm's of snow had accumulated on the Mt Shark system since the last grooming; flurries were also falling during the grooming period but with not much more than another cm on top of the earlier grooming (as of 2AM Sunday morning). The snowpack is still quite inconsistent throughout the Mt Shark system, and some early season natural hazards still exist, mainly some brush above the snow, as well as some thin spots with dirt and rocks mixed in to the base in a few places. Some drainage crossings are still not flush with the trail, and there are also still some bumps and uneven surfaces in a few places. The steep ups and downs of the first 2 km's of the Yellow 10km loop (and the Red 5) generally has the thinnest base, along with a few windblown sections of the 15k. The extra 5 km's of the 15k was not groomed this week but be aware of one very sharp corner at a high point that has lots of dirt and small rocks mixed in to the snow.- Comment last updated: Jan-20 7AM

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