Mt Shark Grooming Report

Trail Last
15 km loop 15-Mar 15-Mar
Biathlon Area 15-Mar 15-Mar
Blue 2km Loop 21-Mar 21-Mar
Mt Shark Helipad Access 14-Mar 14-Mar
Red 5km Loop 21-Mar 21-Mar
Red/Black 5km Loop 21-Mar 21-Mar
Red/Purple 5km Loop 21-Mar 21-Mar
Watridge Lake Trail 15-Mar 15-Mar
Watridge to Spray River 14-Mar 14-Mar
Yellow 10km Loop 21-Mar 21-Mar

Report at 25-Mar, 12:19AM MDT

March 21st: The Red/Black and Blue loops as well as several sections of the Red/Purple loop were groomed and trackset during the night of March 20/21st. The snowpack is below average on most of the trails in the Mt Shark network and the intense heat and long hrs of sunlight this week are shrinking the snowpack quickly and producing melt/freeze conditions throughout. Good skiing conditions will be found during the morning following grooming operations but expect icy/glazed over trails during the morning hours and wet conditions in the afternoon on any other day while this heat-wave continues. On the extra 5k of the 15k loop there is one very sharp corner at a high point that has lots of dirt and small rocks mixed in to the snow, and it will likely remain that way until the snow is gone, - Comment last updated: Mar-21 5PM

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