Ribbon Creek Grooming Report

Ribbon Creek Area Last
Bill Milne (Kovach to Golf Course) 17-Mar 17-Mar
Bill Milne (Kovach to Ribbon Parking) 17-Mar 17-Mar
Coal Mine 16-Mar 16-Mar
Hay Meadows Trail 03-Mar 03-Mar
Hidden 16-Mar 16-Mar
High Level 06-Mar 06-Mar
Link 16-Mar 16-Mar
Ribbon Creek 16-Mar 16-Mar
Ruthie's 06-Mar 06-Mar
Skogan Pass 06-Mar 06-Mar
Skogan Pass Loop 06-Mar 06-Mar
Sunburst 06-Mar 06-Mar
Troll Falls 06-Mar 06-Mar
Kananaskis Village Area Last
Aspen 16-Mar 16-Mar
Bill Milne (Village to Kovach) 17-Mar 17-Mar
Kovach 16-Mar 16-Mar
Terrace Link 16-Mar 16-Mar
Terrace North 16-Mar 16-Mar
Wedge Pond Area Last
Bill Milne (Golf Course to Mount Kidd) 17-Mar 17-Mar
Bill Milne (Mount Kidd to Wedge Pond) 17-Mar 17-Mar
Evan Thomas Fire Road 05-Mar 05-Mar
Wedge Connector 17-Mar 17-Mar

March 17 Bill Milne and Wedge Connector Trails groomed and track set this morning. Trails are in nice shape with spring like conditions.

March 17The amount of new snow coupled with the intense sun and warm nights is making grooming very difficult. The Village trails were reset tonight but are still soft with some icy areas where the snow has melted from the trees. Trails not groomed prior to March 16 will have varying amounts of wet new snow. Expected cooler temperatures over the next few days should allow crews to catch up to the grooming.

March 16 With the sun having more strength the snow heats quickly in sun exposed areas. Expect firm conditions in the morning as well as icy spots where snow has been melting off trees, and use caution. Bill Milne and Wedge connecter are only track packed as of now but will be groomed and track set with a skate lane early Saturday morning and with some new snow forecasted should make excellent skiing.

March 16 Over 30cm of new snow in the last 18 hrs and still falling as of 2 AM making for soft trail conditions.

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