Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
By Pass 25-Mar
Centennial 26-Mar
Finnegan's Bluff Loop 0 25-Mar
Finnegan's Loop Bluff 0 25-Mar
Horse Trail 0 25-Mar
Meadow 25-Mar
Meadow Trail 0 25-Mar
Moose Pasture 25-Mar
Mussers 0 25-Mar
Roy's Cut 0 25-Mar
Snow Bird 26-Mar
Spruce 26-Mar
Trap Line 26-Mar
Double Scotch 25-Mar
Jackrabbit 25-Mar
K-2 25-Mar
Landsem 26-Mar
Lower Cardiac 25-Mar
Roller Coaster 25-Mar
Cardiac Arrest 18-Mar
Highlander 25-Mar
K-1 25-Mar
Screwdriver 25-Mar

Sunday March 26th, -4C, no wind and sunny. May be some clouds this afternoon. Lower loops ginzued this morning by Wayne Gilbert, Other trails are crusty. Much caution required. Best to wait a bit and let the snow soften. By 10:00 AM the conditions should be manageable. So a little later have your fresh air experience. Have a healthy and happy, cross country ski. Cheers.

Please remember the Visitor Guides & Trail Map are free and we'd like everyone to have one and share with friends. Pick up one at the kiosk, lodge or the sport shops in the Platzl, Read all about us and provide a comment. We want to hear from you. How was your season? What would you like for next season? Contact us at

How to interpret the map and legend. People have asked what those little skiers opposite the trails mean. Those are the single track and Wayne Gilbert grooms those with the new Bearcat and ginzu. They will be hard and icy this morning, but should be good this afternoon. Just like yesterday.

Regardless of the weather Denis has the lodge spiffy this morning. Ready for another day. Angela is in the kiosk ready to greet skiers. Note to SKIERS - Please remember, the lodge is our home and we all need to work to keep it clean and tidy. Let's all work together on that. Much appreciated !

Due to unfortunate circumstances the Castlegar XC ski area is closed. KNC is happy to invite all "Castlegar Seasons pass holders" from the Castlegar ski club area to come ski here at our trails we will honour your passes here . Just bring your seasons pass card and show to the kiosk attendants. Thank -you

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