Kimberley Nordic

Kimberley Nordic Grooming Report

Trail Last
By Pass 18-Nov
Centennial 20-Nov
Finnegan's Bluff Loop 0 20-Nov
Finnegan's Loop Bluff 0 20-Nov
Horse Trail 0 20-Nov
Meadow 20-Nov
Meadow Trail 0 20-Nov
Moose Pasture 19-Nov
Mussers 0 03-Apr
Roy's Cut 0 20-Nov
Snow Bird 20-Nov
Spruce 20-Nov
Trap Line 20-Nov
Double Scotch 18-Nov
Jackrabbit 18-Nov
K-2 16-Nov
Landsem 20-Nov
Lower Cardiac 16-Nov
Roller Coaster 19-Nov
Cardiac Arrest 16-Nov
Highlander 18-Nov
K-1 18-Nov
Screwdriver 18-Nov

Monday Nov. 20th- 1:30pm update- Well, a snowy Monday to you all! It is slightly overcast up here and the temperature has climbed to +3 degrees, Currently there is no wind but rather a calm stillness awaits you. The Ginzu groomer has been out on the main trails and some of the secondary trails this morning. It is packed for classic whereas the new abundance of snow makes it a bit soft for skate skiing. As an added note a few skiers with waxed skis have found it a bit sticky. So come prepared with a few options. As Angela stated so well yesterday, we are one of the few X Country Ski Clubs open so early this year. With warmer weather on its way by mid-week today might be a great day for you to come up for some fresh air, exercise and peace of mind. I look forward to welcoming you from the Kiosk! And don't forget to put your feet up in the lodge when you are ready to sit. Tea, coffee, and cold drinks are always available for your use free of charge.

The lodge is now open from 9-9 daily and the Lights are now on for night skiing from dusk till 9 pm as well. We will be at the kiosk from 9am from now on for you to come get your memberships or On line registration for memberships now available at Zone4 -Kimberley Nordic or go to Kimberley Nordic and click the link!! It looks like a great winter season ahead! Kristine- Comment last updated: Nov-20 1PM

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