Kachemak Nordic Ski Club Grooming Report

Trail Last
Marathon Connector Trail 17-Mar, 6:00PM -
Lookout Last
Doug's Delight 22-Mar, 7:23PM 22-Mar, 7:26PM
Groggy Bottom 19-Mar, 12:37PM 18-Feb, 11:11AM
Hayfield Loop 24-Mar, 7:23PM 24-Mar, 7:23PM
Jake Brake 19-Mar, 12:27PM 18-Feb, 10:36AM
June's View 24-Mar, 7:33PM 24-Mar, 7:33PM
LO Trailhead 24-Mar, 8:19PM 22-Mar, 7:26PM
Marathon Loop 10-Mar, 7:29PM -
Milli's Loop 24-Mar, 8:14PM 18-Feb, 1:08PM
Milli's Moose 24-Mar, 7:38PM 24-Mar, 7:28PM
Phelp's Pholly 02-Mar, 2:26PM -
Schwiesow Stadium 19-Mar, 12:37PM 18-Feb, 10:41AM
Sprint Loop 24-Mar, 8:19PM 24-Mar, 7:18PM
Sprint Loop Connector 19-Mar, 12:37PM 18-Feb, 12:07PM
Spruce Loop 24-Mar, 7:18PM 24-Mar, 7:18PM
The Big Hurt 02-Mar, 2:26PM 18-Feb, 11:11AM
The Source 24-Mar, 7:28PM 24-Mar, 7:23PM
Tubb's Tuck 24-Mar, 7:28PM 24-Mar, 7:28PM
Wiest Beast 24-Mar, 8:19PM 24-Mar, 7:13PM
Wild Thing - Double Cross 19-Mar, 12:27PM 18-Feb, 10:31AM
Women's Wall 19-Mar, 12:21PM 22-Feb, 10:26AM
McNeil Last
1k cut-off 15-Mar, 12:04PM 15-Mar, 12:04PM
3k cut-off 06-Mar, 11:06AM -
Eveline Connector 22-Mar, 1:35PM 12-Mar, 2:53PM
McNeil 7.5k Extension 21-Mar, 12:35PM 15-Mar, 11:49AM
Overlook 5k Loop 21-Mar, 1:16PM 15-Mar, 11:59AM
Powerline 19-Mar, 2:58PM 17-Mar, 5:00PM
School Loop 15-Mar, 12:09PM 15-Mar, 12:09PM
Shed Loop 21-Mar, 1:21PM 15-Mar, 12:13PM
Wolf Ridge Trail 19-Mar, 2:58PM 17-Mar, 5:00PM
Eveline Last
Alpine Meadows Connector 22-Mar, 2:21PM 08-Mar, 2:31PM
Alpine Meadows Loop 22-Mar, 2:16PM -
Glacier View Loop 11-Feb, 1:21PM -
Muskeg Crossing 22-Mar, 2:11PM -
Perimeter 22-Mar, 2:26PM 12-Mar, 2:58PM
Wolf - Eveline Connector 22-Mar, 1:46PM 12-Mar, 3:03PM
Baycrest Last
1 km cut-off 18-Mar, 9:45AM 06-Mar, 1:46PM
BayCrest Powerline - -
College Avenue 18-Mar, 10:45AM 13-Mar, 6:00PM
DOT Stadium 16-Mar, 5:30PM 13-Mar, 6:00PM
Demonstration Forest Trail 18-Mar, 9:50AM 16-Mar, 5:59PM
Dibble Creek Trail 08-Mar, 3:05PM 19-Feb, 1:26PM
Faceplant 22-Feb, 5:00PM 22-Feb, 5:00PM
Far Side 18-Mar, 10:50AM 13-Mar, 6:00PM
Headwaters Highway 09-Mar, 1:29PM 06-Mar, 2:11PM
Homestead Loop 18-Mar, 9:50AM 06-Mar, 1:41PM
Master Blaster 09-Mar, 1:49PM 22-Feb, 5:00PM
Midway 23-Mar, 10:00AM 22-Feb, 5:00PM
Perkins' Plunge - -
Raven's Way 18-Mar, 10:30AM 13-Mar, 6:00PM
Rucksack - -
Serpentine 13-Mar, 4:59PM 22-Feb, 5:00PM
Sunset Loop 23-Mar, 10:00AM 25-Feb, 9:48AM
Thru the Woods 18-Mar, 9:30AM 06-Mar, 1:35PM
Woodcutter's Trail 22-Jan, 1:14PM -

The Baycrest ATV is out of service so tracking there only shows up if a groomer is using their iPhone. It is being groomed, at least in part, almost daily.

Red Alert Moose Warning!!

A skier needed to use pepper spray 5 feet from a moose in full charge near the intersection of the Demo forest trail and the snowshoe trail. He would have been stomped otherwise. It was a moose and calf that had been seen regularly.

McNeil trails are in great shape- nice classic tracks are set. Wolf Ridge was groomed by Wise Services on Friday and touched up since then. Please use caution on shared portions of the Wolf Ridge trail: along the powerline trail and on the trails that connect the lower loop to the powerline trail.

At Lookout very good skate skiing reported on perimeter, Milli's Loop,and in classic tracks set in Hayfields.- Comment last updated: Mar-25 11AM

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