West Bragg Creek

West Bragg Creek Grooming Report

Cross Country Ski Trails Last
Bunny Loop 16-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Line - East 18-Mar 18-Mar
Crystal Line - Middle 15-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Line - West 16-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Link #1 15-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Link #2 15-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Link #3 15-Mar 09-Mar
Crystal Link #4 09-Mar 09-Mar
Elbow - North 17-Mar 17-Mar
Elbow - South 06-Mar 23-Feb
Hostel Loop 17-Mar 17-Mar
Hostel Meadow 17-Mar 17-Mar
Iron Springs 17-Mar 17-Mar
Loggers Loop 18-Mar 18-Mar
Moose Connector 18-Mar 18-Mar
Moose Loop 09-Mar 09-Mar
Mountain View 18-Mar 18-Mar
Mountain View West 09-Mar 09-Mar
Sundog Loop - East 18-Mar 18-Mar
Sundog Loop - West 18-Mar 18-Mar
Multi-Use Trails Last
Iron Creek 17-Mar 17-Mar
Mountain Road 18-Mar 18-Mar
Mountain Road West 09-Mar 09-Mar
Telephone Loop 10-Mar 10-Mar

Saturday, Mar. 16, 2018 Challenging conditions will likely reign for the rest of the season. Very wet snow today will freeze overnight providing very icy sections in much of the area. Warming temps during the day will cause widespread softening. Standing water was developing in a few areas. Best bet is to stay on core trails like East and West Crystal and Sundog. These trails always have the most stable snow conditions. Caution is advised on all hills, watch for ice and water flows. jth - Comment last updated: Mar-17 8PM

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